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Last Updated Dec. 13/2017

Choose some anime

Click on the Anime List and you be able to pick from charts of everything I currently offer.

If a tape listed as "full" or "T-160" length that will take one tape.

For tapes marked "half" under tape length you have the option of either getting it alone or asking me to combine it with annother tape that's marked "half".

The one exception is the 3 MKR OAVs, although each is listed as a "half" tape you can ask me for all 3 together on one tape (no substitutions) and I'll prepare them that way for you. (I know for sure all 3 of these will fit but some other stuff marked "half" cuts a lot closer to the literal one hour mark. ^_-)

I don't mix and match individual episodes anymore because too much of my stuff will have translator notes or extras or be for some reason a non-standard length. The full/half/T-160 classifications help me avoid suprises. ^_-

If you remember something I used to have that doesn't seem to be there check in with me as to whether I just forgot it or if it's pulled due to licensing.

Also if you like you can ask me to put some tape enders on your tape to fill out whatever space is left at the end. :)


For people that used to order from me you'll see that I've changed my pricing system slightly.

Instead of the flat rate and multiply system there is now a per order shipping charge as well. This change was made because:

So hopefully the new system will be an effective compromise between getting a little closer to break even* but keeping the price fair for you by putting it on a sliding scale.

*The main impediment to breaking even were equipment repairs and purchases, I was breaking even on each order but not on the operation overall over the past few years. With lower volume that exists now compared to about 10-15 years back I need to get a bit more out of each order to cover the fixed costs.

Shipping Charge

The shipping charge is $10 CDN per order.

If you are in Canada or the U.S.A. this is good for any size order.

If you are elsewhere in the world this is good for orders up to 5 tapes. (For larger orders to the rest of the world contact me for pricing.)

For the purpose of this the U.S.A. includes all 50 states, Washington DC, APO/FPO boxes of military personel, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.

I do not ship to Iran or Cuba. (Except U.S. military personel at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base)

Tape charges

$10 per tape for VHS tapes.  I have a fairly decent stock
                 of Maxell tapes since buying the remaining
                 inventory downtown at the Zellers liquidation.
                 (Plus I had a few on hand from before and as of
                 July 13/2013 still know of 2 other sources.)

                 Also note if you order a tape that requires a
                 T-160 length I may have to use a different brand.
                 If you like you can check with me as to what
                 brand I currently have available for T-160 length.

(Sorry, Fuji Master 120 (double coated tapes) are no longer offered
due to the Fuji discontinuing the product.)

$25 per tape for SVHS tapes of my choice, these will literally be
                 whatever brand I am able to get at the time.  I
                 have never heard of a "bad" brand of SVHS tapes 
                 so you should be fine.  Since I may have to order
                 these from someone outside my city (I haven't 
                 seen them in a store for years) if I get an order 
                 for more than I have on hand it could take a while.
Since video tape is no longer mainstream they tend to appear or disappear from stores at random or the stores change the brand they carry at random. As well fewer stores sell them at all so I have fewer "back up" options. In the event I have to use something other than what's listed above I'll contact you at your E-mail and/or AIM before recording on annother type of tape.(

for cases (if ordered with tapes)
Blank cases---------------->  50 each 
Cases with fancy inserts--->$1.50 each
The case prices are for however long my current supply of blank cases lasts. If I have to restock at some point price will be dependant upon the cost at that time. I currently have a little less than 200 on hand so I expect that to last quite a while.

Exchange rates and Payment forms

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

For a US$ exchange rate click on the main page then scroll down my main page until you reach my current exchange rate.

If for some reason the expiry date I posted with that exchange rate has passed and I have not yet updated it contact me via ICQ or E-mail for a more current rate.

For exchange rates I am accepting other currencies at contact me via ICQ or E-mail and I'll get back to you with a current rate along with a limitation on how long it's good for.

Expiries are based on the post marked date so you don't have to worry about it changing once your order is in the mail on the way even if the Post Office takes a while to get it here.

For the record I am highly flexible about currencies accepted. Currently I accept:

Payment types accepted: *I can even accept the green postal money orders from the U.S. Post Office. Although I am outside the U.S. I have a way to cash these so there is no need to spend extra money on the "international" ones.

At the moment I'm not accepting PAYPAL because I don't have a bank account attached to get the money out so I have to go through friends to actually get the money. To fix this problem I need to get to the U.S. to open a new bank account. An exception may apply if I can or have to get money in the system to pay for something but this will be on a case by case basis.

When ordering, along with payment include a letter that has:

Also make sure you put on enough postage to mail to Canada, postage varies depending on the country you mail to. ^_-

Send your order in a normal envelope, do not try to send it as part of any kind of package as this could cause problems with customs.

Just for clarity, my prices posted include the cost of the tape so don't mail me blank tapes, the cost is already covered and again there would be problems with customs.

Lettermail clears just fine but packages over the border involves a few issues that you have to be aware of.

If you have something you want to send me please contact me first so I can let you know the best way to do it to avoid customs problems.

If you read something on a site that doesn't begin with or it's not my site and how other fansub distros do things may be different or even outright contradict how I do things. So if this causes any confusion check with me. Most people have no problem but I did once experience an individual that seemed to be confusing things between different distros web sites so I figured I should address this to be sure. ^_-

Also there are some "source" links to external sites on my anime list that get "trapped" in the middle of my page when you click on them. Due to the page design it was not feasible to get them out of the frame. (The anime listing charts are the one part of my site that's not hand coded, they are exported from Microsoft Excel which doesn't let me add frame tags to the links.) If you right click and open as a new tab or open as a new window you'll see them with the proper URL bar.

I do also own but some content under that domain belongs to other users that I let share my server or have otherwise extended hostnames to. I believe I've moved everything fansub related into but if I've missed anything let me know.

If you have any questions or something you are not sure about E-mail or ICQ me to ask before you order just to make sure things go smoothly.

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