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Updated: Dec. 12/2015
This page adresses the different ways you can contact me.

AIM (AOL Instant messanger): ve4gap

Note if you plan to contact me by AIM leave your AIM window open and your computer on and connected to the internet so you'll actually be reachable at whatever time I next get to the computer. ^_- I always leave it running so if you for some reason do see me offline either my internet is temporarily out or I'm installing software or replacing something on the computer and I'll be back.

Even though I'm checking E-mail more regularily now AIM remains the fastest way to reach me. If you don't have AIM you can download a current version from the AOL website or if you perfer an older less fancy version you can download version 5.0.2938 from me. A thrid option is to use Pidgin which is a universal chat client compatable with AIM amoungst others.

At this time I do not use MSN Messanger, nor do I have any immediate plans to. ^_-

E-mail: glenap@moonie.ca

This is the best E-mail address to reach me, although I still can access the old Autobahn Access address (for now?) the moonie.ca address is the best choice as I have more control over that one by virtue of owning the domain name.

It's also recommended to start your subject line with [FANSUBS] to help me more quickly zone in on it when picking through the E-mail.

BTW, I still don't like Nigeria due to the 409 scam stupidity. -_-

Phone: 204-997-4536

It's OK to call this number any time of the day or night 24/7. You are most likely to get me 'live' between midnight and 2 AM (central time) most days. If you are not able to call in that time window it may be more effective to use one of the above methods.

Also since I don't return long distance phone calls those of you who are not local to the Winnipeg calling area are best to either leave an online contact method in the voicemail and be sure to say it's about fansubs or to try back to reach me live. If you leave a message I'll know what to expect it's about when you call back.

Although this is a cell phone (unlimited airtime 24/7) text messaging is blocked so you can't reach me by text. I'm not ignoring you, just texts don't reach me to begin with. ^_-

Snail Mail

My 'new' P.O. Box since mid-Dec. 2007:

Glen A. Pearce
P.O. Box 2225
Station Main
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 3R5

Just a reminder the old P.O. Box at the Nairn RPO is gone due to the RPO closing February 29, 2008. The outlet number (and thus box number) had been re-assigned to a new RPO operator (so somebody else may have since rented that box number). It's been long enough that Canada Post has actually retired the old postal code and given the new RPO operator a new postal code.

I have confirmation that Canada Post has leased back the space for the retail operation at Station Main from the new building owners (Winnipeg Police) so my 'new' address will be staying put for the foreseeable future even though Canada Post is moving their sorting plant to a new facility. Unlike the RPO I dealt with before Station Main is operated by Canada Post it's self rather than a franchise operator.

Also in late 2011 the PO Box lobby at Station Main recieved some renovations to accomodate Canada Post cramming their remaining retail operations into their 'lease back' zone of the building. Less space in front of the boxes, more space behind so they have the storage space for parcels. They had to re-arrange a bit since they no longer have the whole building to use as overflow. ^_- All of us who have active boxes kept our same box numbers, they just deleted some unused boxes when they installed the new ones so they now have a higher occupancy rate.

I have pre-paid my P.O. Box until Dec. 1/2017 so I'm not going anywhere. ^_-

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